The First Metaverse Virtual World & NFT Blockchain Game of Sports Lifestyle

Xpanda Metaverse


In the vast universe...

Countless Xpandas are living on the PANDA planet full of life and vitality.

They are healthy, active, life-loving, and quick as a flash of lightning...

Lazy Virus has invaded every planet with life in the universe.

Three million years ago,Lazy Virus invaded the PANDA planet,

And Xpandas rose up against the virus, but failed to find a solution.

The PANDA planet was so damaged that Xpandas could not survive here and were forced to flee, looking for a new home and ways to fight Lazy Virus.

1.8 million years ago

some Xpandas arrived on earth, scattered in every corner, and settled down...

After a long time of research and search, Xpandas found that regular exercise could increase their physical fitness and defense against Lazy Virus effectively.

In 1890, Lazy Virus invaded the earth...

Then, a large-scale and organised campaign began...

On the earth, the Xpanda warriors fought back Lazy Virus, and took the initiative to fight against Lazy Virus on other planets.


NFT-Xpanda Introduction


NFT-Xpanda is a decentralised GameFi app developed in Solidity language. Based on the IP culture Xpanda prototype, it has created an on-chain metaverse game that improves the professional level of sports, runs Xpanda City Clubs, and increases the earnings of mining.

NFT-Xpanda has designed our familiar concepts of sports event city clubs, different sports hobbies, and different levels of sports. NFT sports characters are collected to improve their combat levels; their combat power and physical strength are increased by casting, trading and feeding a variety of food props, so as to increase the immersion and satisfaction. Meanwhile, "Play to Earn" is implemented.

What players spend on a game is no longer viewed as a sunk cost, but can bring real benefits; in NFT-Xpanda, all game assets are owned and controlled by the players. With more interaction between community players, Xpanda allows the players to gain gameplay and satisfaction, thus increasing their trust and viscosity.

Theme ip

Xpanda has its own theme IP of metaverse story and world view


The game design allows players to participate in club card casting by opening a blind box


Different sports characters of Xpanda are cast in the form of NFT. Users are expected to cast bamboos, hamburgers and other food props in the form of NFT to feed their pandas and improve their physical strength and combat level. Besides, NFT can be auctioned or transferred.

Global NFT City Club

Xpanda has initially designed 36 city NFT cards of sports enthusiasts, corresponding to the above 36 city clubs. Following the casting, users can purchase from other city club owners. Once Xpanda city clubs are transferred, the club's earning interests and the unreleased Xpanda coins locked in the club cards will be transferred.

All players must choose to join a city club before they can collect cards for mining. All users in each club may invite other users to join the Xpanda club directly.

1. There are 36 clubs, at a unit price of 8000USDT. The club is an independent standard NFT card, cast on the chain by users, only one for each address; depending on the address, the president is automatically judged, who may transfer or sell the club.

2. Xpanda focuses on the club management, which cannot be done without the participation of all athletes. The club can seek development by recruiting more athletes. Each Xpanda City Club NFT card contains 40,000 locked Xpanda coins, 10% (4,000) of which are released online, while the remaining 90% (36,000) will be released in half a year after 180 days, 15% or 6,000 coins per month.

3. Xpanda coins total 100,000,000, and the mining cycle is 2,000 days, 45,000 coins per day. Of which 45% are used for mining by the collection of NFT cards, 30% for Xpanda City Club rewards, 10% for LP mobile mining (Xpanda/usdt) rewards, 10% for institutional partnership, club recruitment, and casting of limited edition cards, and 5% for the developer team (lock-up, 2,000 days to be unlocked, deposited weekly into non-destructive mining contracts).

4. In addition to the president, each club is manned with managers, coaches, team leaders and members. All panda athletes will be rewarded according to their physical rankings.

5. All first-time users must select a club to enter the game, and club members may use a referral link for new users to join the club directly.

6. The casting time of club call is: 2021-08-05 13:17:00 to 2021-09-05 13:17:00 (GMT+8).

Walkthrough Core gameplay


NFT card collection - characters

NFT-Xpanda cards are non-homogeneous assets based on BSC (Binance Smart Chain). There are a total of 60 sports NFT card characters in the two categories of initial product design (land and water series). Each card is an independent NFT asset, which can be transferred by users through wallet address or sold in the NFT auction market. The quality, physical value and the number of Xpanda coins contained in the cards determine their values.


NFT props - snacks

NFT-Xpanda combines all kinds of snack cards like bamboo, fruits and vegetables favored by Xpanda. In the future, entity brand enterprises may participate in the casting of snack props NFT and brand publicity. Individual developers and creators may also get involved in the casting and production of NFT snacks on the NFT casting platform, so as to enrich the Xpanda game.

Snack cards are classified into three qualities: "General", "Excellent" and "Superb". "General" snacks contain 5 pledged Xpanda coins (to add 5 physical progress bars), "Excellent" ones contain 3 coins (to add 15 physical progress bars), and "Superb" ones contain 5 coins (to add 25 physical progress bars).


NFT card collection for mining

By buying NFT blind box card packs, users can randomly draw the sports NFT cards in the game, and put the obtained NFT cards into the appropriate card slot (playground) for mining, to get the XPanda coin (XPC).

Users can get an NFT blind box card pack by pledging a certain number of Xpanda coins. The more Xpanda coins pledged, the higher quality of NFT cards obtained.

NFT-XPanda card stores are fallen into ordinary, advanced and fixed quality pools.

Xpanda's state of satiety affects the efficiency of mining, and its hunger drops by 5 per cents every day.

Walkthrough Scarcity value


Card trading

NFT-Xpanda has built NFT decentralised transaction protocols into Dapp games. Users may choose a variety of NFT card sales methods, such as fixed price, English auction, Dutch auction, and one-coin purchase, for Xpanda City Club, sports character NFT of different physical qualities, NFT snack props and other assets (1% of contract fees to be charged after successful auction).

NFT cards are traded on chain, featured by open and transparent contracts, plus documented data for reference.

More application scenarios will be expected, such as PVP/PVE events, sports meetings, similar events, city club competitions, team/individual contests, and community governance of DAO.

Quality of blind box card packs

NFT cards for Xpanda sports characters are of different colors: grey, green, blue, purple and orange, which determine the initial physical strength of cards. The color represents the quality, i.e., the higher quality of NFT cards, the higher physical strength, and the harder to get.

The number of Xpanda coins (XPC) contained in the Xpanda sports character card is determined by the value of the card pack. The Xpanda coins in the card can be released by destroying the NFT card after 72 hours of the NFT casting production (i.e., opening the blind box) (commission for destroying the NFT card: 3%).

The amount of NFT card coins pledged by Xpanda sports characters: 5 for grey cards, 10 green, 20 blue, 40 purple, and 80 orange.

Technological change, parallel running on multiple chains